About Naok Financial

Naok Financial is an exclusive wealth management firm that offers personalized investment options for its clients, who range from governments to institutions to high-net-worth individuals. The aim of the company is to allow its clients to save and plan for the future through wise investments that eventually lead them to complete financial control over their assets. When a client first approaches the Naok team, the company analyzes the client’s assets, evaluates long-term and short-term goals, and objectively assesses the risk involved in multiple types of investments and diversification options. Naok Financial has built its reputation through word-of-mouth recommendations, transparent communication and mutual trust with clients, and a global view of capital markets.

Naok Financial specializes in planning for education, retirement, or long-term care for its clients through investments in renewable and alternative energy, real estate, and technology. Some of the alternative investment vehicles that Naok Financial can offer to its private wealth management clients are often only available to large corporations. As an additional service to the company’s clients and to encourage more planning for a future, Naok Financial offers calculators to help estimate how much money will be required for a college education and retirement.

Naok Financial is proud of its team of specialized industry leaders, who together have over 40 years of experience in the financial industry. H. Roger Daisley who authors financial literature, including the article “Ten Ways to Fund a College Education: Without Giving Up Your Retirement,” chairs the company. He also gives public speeches on the topic and speaks about his retirement advice in “The Five Key Elements of Retirement Planning.”


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